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Writer's Block: Working for a living

What is your ultimate dream job? Do you think you'll ever live the dream?

xtreme sports (and not in cold weather) 

India References

1. Report from KNOPKA  & OXANA





2 .  Report ot NAHMAN
2.1 21/09. Амритсар-Дарамсала.
2.2 22/09. Дарамсала-Манали.
2.3  23/09. Манали и окрестности. Перевал Ротанг.
2.4  24/09. Манали-Долина Кулу-город Кулу.
2.5 25/09.Кулу-Нагар-Манали.
2.6 26/09. Дели.
2.7 27-28/09.Джейсальмер и окрестности. Верблюжье сафари.
2.8 29/09. Джейсальмер. Дубль первый. Внутри форта - храмы и не только.
2.9  29/09. Джейсальмер.  Дубль второй. Внутри форта - Дворец Махараджи, город вне форта.
2.10  30/09. Дубль первый.  Окрестности Биканера - Gajner и храм крыс.
2.11 30/09. Дубль два. Биканер, Дворец  Махараджи.
2.12  1-2/10. Харидвар - Ришикеш - Харидвар.

3.  ot PUERRTTO 

3.1 Краткий путеводитель "Индия для начинающего" - из личного опыта (Индия)

3.2 Джайпур -город дворцов и коварных обезьян  


4.About transportation:



От alex__k
Buses: http://www.hrtc.gov.in/
Tons of useful information: http://www.indiamike.com/ - forums, etc.
Best explanation ever of railway tickets system: http://www.indiamike.com/india-articles/indian-railways-rac-and-indian-railways-waitlists/

5. In general:



Aug. 5th, 2010

 remembered my thai songs 



 today found stinky edamame  (green soybeans) that i made in microwave few days ago and forgot to eat. was so stinky had to do dishes. 


Writer's Block: Supersize me

Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?

-  Turkish products 
The reason: The anti-israel Turkish government attitude  

Writer's Block: Mind reader

sex partner ... heheh


можно позадуматься


Writer's Block: Mind blitz

Is there anyone you would permanently erase from your life and memory? If so, who and why?

I can not think of any person right now, though i definitely remember that sometimes i was so angry i regretted for that moment that the person existed. But now i do not even remember who was i so angry at (it was few times...as i remember , now i even do not remember where and why )
my memory is so bad.. it's the age thing probably :)

Writer's Block: A fine romance

What is the most memorable event of your life so far? What made it so special? Do you think you'll ever top it?

I'm totally unromantic person. Do not know what is romantic, do not connect to these type of things...

Can i consider something romantic if i did it alone? or with friends? not with a boyfriend?
Like im & the nature ... or something in this direction?

Writer's Block: Top Three

What three qualities do you like most about yourself, and why? What qualities do you like least?

Sometimes im going into this cycle this is what do not like about myself: 

--> Low self-esteem --> People do not respect my opinion --> Frustration --> De-moralization(~Depression) -->

I like : 
my independence 
my adventurous character 
my look